Music Alive!

Due to the pandemic, most music activities are on hold. The most notable exception is our worship music played by Beverly Peduzzi on the sanctuary organ Sunday mornings. We are prayerfully hopeful that we can resume all our musical activities soon.

The First Congregational Church of Marion has an active music program, with an adult choir and a children’s choir under the direction of organist/choirmaster Beverly Peduzzi and the Meetinghouse Bells under the direction of Karen Sanborn. Guest soloists are engaged throughout the summer months and often during the rest of the year.

The church is blessed with an historic two-manual, tracker-action organ, built in 1883 by George S. Hutchings (read more about Hutchings here) (view the organ stop list here). Purchased with the help of a donation from philanthropist Elizabeth Taber, it replaced a smaller, one-manual chamber organ placed in the balcony. This was played for a number of years by Joseph H. Hatton, who was trained at the Perkins School for the Blind (read biography here). A series of public recitals is presented regularly on the Hutchings organ.

Click here to read an article from the Andover Organ Company 2017 Newsletter mentioning our organ, as well as other work the company has completed.

Children's Choir is not meeting due to the pandemic. We look forward to the day when hear their sweet voices again!

Children in K-6 grades are welcome. Please contact Bev Peduzzi at

Have you ever wondered about the music, chimes, and bells heard throughout the village coming from our steeple? Our steeple has a bell that mechanically chimes the hours and can be rung manually. There is also a carillon system that can play hymns. A carillon according to the New Oxford American Dictionary is "a set of bells in a tower, played using a keyboard or an automatic mechanism". Read an informative description of our carillon system in the Carillonneur Report found here.

Senior Choir

The Senior Choir began rehearsals is not meeting due to the pandemic. When they resume, those interested in singing are welcome to join throughout the year. If you feel you cannot commit to every Sunday, please consider joining for seasonal programs. Please contact Bev Peduzzi at with questions.