Memorial ~ Honoring ~ Special Occasions

Providing flowers to enhance the worship service can be a wonderful way to memorialize a loved one, honor someone, or mark a special occasion. Each Sunday service provides the opportunity to donate flowers for worship. Several times during the year for special holidays or seasons, larger displays from many donors are utilized. This page is intended to provide helpful information and instructions on how to provide flowers for the church. If you need further information, please call the church office at 508-748-1053. Office hours are listed on our home page.

Sunday Worship Flowers

Individuals or families can sign up to provide Sunday worship service flowers in three ways: call the church office during office hours, use the sign up sheet during coffee hour after Sunday service, or use the electronic form found on the ChurchTrac calendar. If you use the sign up sheet option, please call or email the church office with your dedication wording for the bulletin. The web site calendar is read-only and cannot be used to reserve a flower date. To use the electronic reservation form, you must sign into your ChurchTrac account (instructions below). If you need to set up an account, there is a registration option using the ChurchTrac link on the church's homepage here.

Flowers or plants provided can be your own creations or ordered from a florist. If Edens in Marion is used, they have access to the church and will deliver on Saturday. Otherwise, you can bring your flowers 30 minutes prior to the service and place them on the stand adjacent to the alter table. Flowers can be taken after the service by the donor to use as they wish.

Holiday and Seasonal Displays

Several times during the year there is the opportunity to purchase plants for larger displays in and around the church such as spring plants during Easter, chrysanthemums during the fall, and poinsettias during Advent and Christmas. These reasonably priced plants are ordered through the church by order forms that are provided in the newsletter, bulletins, and for printing below. The forms with dedication wording completed must be returned to the church office with checks made out to the First Congregational Church of Marion. No orders will be taken without payment.

Plants for these displays are available to be taken after the holiday or season. They must be ordered through the church and there is no guarantee of color.

Ordering Worship Flowers Electronically

  1. Sign into your ChurchTrac account by clicking on the logo above or on the links at the bottom of the church web site Homepage or Helpful Links page.
  2. Use the email you registered with and your Passcode.
  3. Choose "Calendar" from the menu bar across the top.
  4. Check the Sunday dates you are interested in reserving.
  5. Click on the Alter Flower Sign Up link. If you do not see a link or it states that sign up has ended, the date is not available.
  6. Fill out the form by using the drop down to choose "in honor of" or "in loving memory of", etc.. Fill in the "Name of the Loved One' line and the "From" line. This information will be used to print the dedication. The "Note" line is optional and can be used to send a message to the Office.
  7. Click "Submit" and you have reserved the date.*
  8. *Please note: We will end the sign-up availability as soon as we are aware that a Sunday is requested. If more than one person requests a date before this can be done, the earliest request will be honored. Someone will call you if the date had previously been taken. Select your date early to ensure you receive your first choice!
  9. All sign ups close the Wednesday before any given Sunday to ensure that there is time to print the dedication in the bulletin.