Pastoral Search Update


OVERVIEW: Think of this self­-study process like going to the doctor for an annual physical. The doctor will review your health history, what has changed, and what has remained the same. The doctor then performs a series of tests to make sure that you’re in the shape you say you are.

The church being an organism requires periodic check-ups to determine its state of health. But unlike people who have annual check-ups churches sometimes go for years without such a check-up. As we are presently in a transition it is a perfect time for a check-up.

As with the human body, changes occur over time that, if neglected, can result in declining health, often in sagging attendance, financial concerns, and overall ineffective ministry to the community.

The Overseed coaching process will utilize various tools and engage the church to effectively assess the church’s current condition. Overseed will take the church through a series of basic surveys using five assessment tools. These assessments will clarify and discern our current condition, as well as help chart a course for the future of the church as we look to find the next pastor.

PLAN: We will have our introductory meeting in October to introduce the consultants and describe the program fully. This will be a chance for the church to get all their questions answered. Each of the following meetings will be about two hours long.

In the November meeting the church will take four out of the five assessment survey tools. They are the Church Health Assessment (Natural Church Development), Church Lifestyle Assessment, Theological Assessment and Readiness for Change Assessment. This will take about two hours to do. The fifth assessment is the Community Demographic Assessment is not a survey to be taken but information that will be reported to us later.

In the January meeting Overseed will be revealing and explaining what the assessments say about the church. They will reveal all the assessments except the Church Health Assessment will be described in the February meeting.

In the March meeting Overseed will lead us in a day of planning including Vision Framing: Church Identity and Direction.

Overseed will then produce an assessment report which will be the basis for composing the church profile and job description for the next pastor.

Grace, Pastor Rich

August 27, 2021