Letter to Congregation

Biographical Information

Reverend MaryAnn Purtill

November 15, 2017

Dear Congregation,

Let me first say how happy and humbled I am to be writing to you, offering a bit about myself.

It is my hope and prayer that through worship, prayer and learning we would come to know each

other in a deeper way.

While I currently hail from Glastonbury, CT. I am originally from the East End of Long Island,

a community not unlike Marion.

I moved to Connecticut in 1984, after marrying, and have enjoyed the benefits of raising my son,

co-owning a small business, and ultimately accepting my call to become an ordained minister

with the UCC.

I met that call from God while standing upon a hillside in the village of Chedzi in the Central

African country of Malawi. I had gone there with my church for a three week mission program.

Mission and service are at the heart of my ministry; that anytime we care for another we are

preaching the gospel of Christ.

My formal education came from Andover Newton Theological School, in Newton MA. While I

was in seminary I was a Student Intern with the Windsor Congregational Church, a chaplain with

Hartford Hospital and Director of Christian Education with the St James Episcopal Church,

Glastonbury CT.

Upon graduation I joined the Marlborough Congregational Church, where I have served as an

Associate Pastor, and I became a staff chaplain with The Masonic Health Center.

Each ministerial setting has provided numerous and varied teachings and challenges; deepening

my commitment to serve God, affirming my ministry, broadening my abilities, and sharpening

my skills.

Ever thankful for God’s holy hand to guide me, I once again express my gratitude for the

opportunity you present me with.

With faith,

Rev MaryAnn