Coronavirus Updates



  • Extra cleaning and disinfecting have been approved to take place daily in all our facilities that are in use. All surfaces that are used daily such as door handles, sinks, toilets, table tops, buttons, levers, railings, and such will be wiped down with a sanitizer that can kill the virus.
  • Staff who are ill or who have family members who are ill are being instructed to stay home for two weeks and seek a medical release before returning to work. PPF has voted to compensate for normal work hours so staff will not face hardship by needing to remain at home.
  • We are respectfully asking any Penny Pincher Exchange customers, visitors, members, and volunteers to follow the same advice and stay home if you are ill, are living with an ill individual, or are in a high-risk group. Our understanding is that two weeks from the onset of symptoms is the current recommended isolation period.


  • Church Services have been canceled by the Deacons until further notice. It is felt that large group gatherings with many potentially high-risk persons in attendance is a poor choice. Instead, we will be seeking alternatives for worship and spiritual development that does not entail gathering in large groups.
  • Study Groups and Social Activities are canceled. Check the church calendar or call the church office with any questions.
  • The March 19 Friendship Dinner has been cancelled by the Mission and Outreach Committee. Check the church website for updates on the April 16 dinner.
  • Our office will remain open during regular business hours, unless staff coverage is not available. Please conduct as much business as possible over the telephone or via email.
  • Our Community Center will remain open until further notice for private and community sponsored events/meetings at their discretion. Please check with the specific group to determine if they are meeting.
  • The Penny Pinchers Exchange will remain open. The PPX Committee has decided to remain operating as other community businesses, observing extra care to sanitize the work environment. The committee will monitor government advisories and reassess their decision to remain open before each business day.

Lastly, Pastor MaryAnn asks that we let you know that the church office and parsonage are two places you can call if you have any needs or concerns. In the meantime, she will be calling and emailing people to touch base.

As changes occur, updates will be posted on this web site page found in the navigation links. The page will be taken down when the government health advisories are discontinued.


The Penny Pinchers Exchange will be CLOSED tomorrow, Wednesday, March 18th through April 7th in keeping with state government guidelines. At that time the Penny Pinchers Committee will assess whether or not to reopen. Please refer to this page for future updates.


Penny Pinchers Exchange will be closed until further notice. Government guidelines will inform us when to reopen. We are patiently waiting to meet with friends and serve our community again.

Church buildings are closed to the public. We will continue to respond to phone calls and email during our business hours. Our recorded phone message has instructions for emergencies.

The April Friendship Table meal has been canceled. Our Missions and Outreach Committee is supporting the nutritional needs of our community by providing food to the Marion Food Bank organized by the town's Council on Aging. Monetary donations from members and friends are being used to purchase specific items needed by the COA through the Marion General Store, which is providing a significant discount and supplemental donations. Visit the town website for information on distribution. IT is a wonderful blessing that our greater community is stepping up to help the most vulnerable among us.

Since we cannot gather as a community for what may be an extended time, the church leadership has been working on ways we can stay connected and participate in faith activities. A few of our efforts are: pastoral telephoning/emailing, daily devotional emails, "Vestry Chats" via Zoom on Sunday mornings at 11:15am, Bible Studies Tuesday mornings at 10:00 am via Zoom, regular worship opportunities on our new YouTube channel, and special one-time activities. Please check the church website for more information and please be patient if our technology isn't quite working as intended. We are learning many of these new endeavors as we go. We are being persistent because we want to maintain our faith community. It is a source of caring, concern, and hope for all during a challenging time.

Lastly, if you are able, please consider keeping your giving up-to-date via online or traditional mail. While we are not holding traditional meetings, we are maintaining staff employment and facilities operation. Please do what you can to help us through the financial hardship.