The Fund Raising Committee is planning a church cookbook for distribution before the holidays. We would like to collect all of your favorite recipes to include in this cookbook.

Recipes can be emailed to Eliza Gifford or Joanna Wheeler.
Hard copies of recipes can also be dropped off in the church office Tuesday through Friday from 9 A.M. - 1 P.M.

What's Happening?

To find information about special services, celebrations, or fellowship opportunities, please check our "Events" page. Use the left Navigation sidebar to access this page.

Welcome All Congregational Gardeners!
Would you like to join a volunteer group to help spruce up, trim back, and rake winter's debris from our church properties? This is definitely a job men, women, and kids can do on a few Saturdays this spring. We might call ourselves "The Meetinghouse Green Thumbs"!

Please contact Tinker Saltonstall if you are interested in being part of this group.
Announcements will be sent for group activities.

A Word from the Flower Committee

The new flower sign-up chart for 2017 is now available in the Vestry. Reserve your special day early! The flower committee is always looking for volunteers. If anyone would like to donate flowers for a special Sunday, please call Meredith Ryder or sign up on the chart located on the center table in the Vestry. Thank you!

Missions and Outreach

It is God himself who has made us what we are and given us new lives from Christ Jesus; and long ages ago he planned that we should spend these lives in helping others.  (Ephesians 2:10)

We are happy to share with you the news about "Change for Change" – "Hike for Heaven" project. Rochester native, Allie Cunningham, will be happy to know that we have donations amounting to $200 in our "Change for Change" jar. We wish her the very best as she travels to Tanzania. Our next project for "Change for Change" will be announced in the next issue of Steeple Lights. If you have any suggestions please let a member of the committee know or put it in the jar. Thanks for your support.

Friendship Table will be opening in September. The Community Center by then should be in full service. Chef Coby Rottler will be the "man in charge" with help from the Missions and Outreach Committee and volunteers who would like to help. We guarantee you a special meal.

Mobile Ministries (formally Mobile Loaves and Fishes) will be needing our help to stock the trucks that go to different parts of New Bedford to distribute clothing donated to the homeless. They need raincoats, sweatshirts, lightweight jackets, caps, and socks. There will be a container in the vestry to collect your donations. They go out Mondays and Saturdays with their trucks to outfit the homeless in New Bedford. You generously helped them in the winter with a wonderful supply of clothing. They are very thankful for your support.

Thanks to you all who so generously supported the month of May's drive to collect PET food for Damien's Pantry. It is common knowledge what an important role pets play in the lives of people. We are happy to be able to support them for this special month.

From all reports, the Walk for Hunger in Wareham, the first Sunday in May, was a huge success. Several people from our church were walking and many people made pledges. M&O matched the donations with $100 from our budget. We were happy to do our share.

Some reminders:

Gifts to Give: stuffed animals can be given to the children because of the special process that G to G has to clean them.

Turning Point: The tote bags and all the toiletries you donate: The toiletries and are used to fill the ditty bags that they give to the homeless to use in the shower. The tote bags are used for "shopping day", the third Thursday of the month, when parents can come in and shop for baby supplies. The families need to have a Mass Card in order to shop and the tote bags work very well for carrying the items. They also accept good used or new clothing for children 5 and under.

We appreciate your support - we couldn't do what we do without your help!!

Missions Committee: Meg and David Albert, Ruth Cederberg, Sue Kenny, Susan Smith, Susan Taggart, and the Rev. Dr. Sheila Rubdi.

Prayer Shawl Ministry
Meetings will resume in September.
Check back for the fall schedule.

Come to knit, crochet, or for conversation.
There is plenty of yarn available in the Office.
Please be sure there are three skeins available for lap robes & 2 skeins for a prayer shawl.

       We will be meeting at Joanne Inman's home. Please call if interested.