What's Happening?

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Committees Are the Heart and Soul of Our Church

Our Nominating Committee is gathering momentum in an effort to offer each of you a chance to serve on a committee starting at the Annual Meeting in January 2018. We are eager to hear which committee you might like to join! There is a place for all members of our church and we appreciate knowing where your talents and interests lie.

For 2018, Committees which will be welcoming new members include the Board of Deacons, Personal Property and Finance, Christian Mission and Outreach, Christian Education, Church Life and Fellowship, Stewardship, Music, Penny Pinchers Exchange, and Fundraising.

Committee work is what really generates a sense of community, which gives the church its energy, its camaraderie, and its creative ideas.We look forward to your calls!

Nominating Committee:
Nancy Oakes (Chair), Cathy Brown Ross, Maud Linde, Tinker Saltonstall, Mary Terrell

A Word from the Flower Committee

The new flower sign-up chart for 2017 is now available in the Vestry. Reserve your special day early! The flower committee is always looking for volunteers. If anyone would like to donate flowers for a special Sunday, please call Janet Reinhart or sign up on the chart located on the center table in the Vestry. Thank you!

Welcome All Congregational Gardeners!
Would you like to join a volunteer group to help spruce up, trim back, and rake fall's debris from our church properties? This is definitely a job men, women, and kids can do on a few Saturdays this fall. We might call ourselves "The Meetinghouse Green Thumbs"!

Please contact Tinker Saltonstall if you are interested in being part of this group.
Announcements will be sent for group activities.

Prayer Shawl Ministry
Meetings have resumed on Wednesday mornings this year!

Come to knit, crochet, or for conversation.
There is plenty of yarn available in the Office.
Please be sure there are three skeins available for lap robes & 2 skeins for a prayer shawl.

       Call Joanne Inman's with questions and for additional information.